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MOMU System

The first version of the Motion In / Music Out, or MOMU System was originally completed in 2006 with the intent of creating an automated, realtime platform for incorporating live animal motion as an integral element in live musical performance. This application of the system essentially puts a tiny animal like a goldfish into the much larger role of conductor, creating an original piece of music on the spot.

The system functions by tracking a user specified color across any video source and instantaneously turning that information into a series of instructions on a lighted readout to be interpreted by a live performer.


MOMU System performance interface and signal output module

Design Process

I lovingly designed and executed every aspect of this project, from the initial concept to interaction design, interface and software design and programming, device construction, to logo design and promotional video creation. I even bought and took care of the head executive goldfish - the venerable Captain Genki. R.I.P.


MOMU System Logo Design

The initial concept was to create an automatic, realtime rethinking of some of the experimental synesthetic musical scores that groups like Fluxus created for bridging the visual and sonic arts using methods like plotting points on photographs in place of notes on sheet music, etc. But, although the MOMU System was created initially with a live video and music combination in mind, it was also designed to be open-ended enough that it can be utilized as a tool to bridge nearly any combination of video/motion and performance.

I wanted to create a device that would be more readily applicable in real world performance situations. The system is intended to encourage visual artists to come out of the studio and find ways to take an active part in live performances by synergizing with likeminded artists and performers from other disciplines.

MOMU System
Year: 2006

  • Walker Design Did:
  • Visual Design
  • UI
  • UX
  • Dev
  • Logo
Watch the Video here:

MOMU System
Software and electronic device for performance

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